Live PRIME  

A class designed to “Generally Physically Prepare” you for sport, advanced training, or life in general. Improving GPP is about limiting your weaknesses, improving your quality of movement, and enhancing your body’s ability to handle greater workloads. This program is implemented by preparing new members before joining classes. We don’t expect you to know how to or be able to deadlift, snatch, clean & jerk, press, box jump, squat, pull-up, hinge, bound, row, etc…. before coming in. Coaching these movements and pointing out strengths and how to improve weaknesses with the human body is our passion. If your knees hurt we can help, if your shoulder has been injured we can help, if you’ve had back problems we can help, whatever it is that’s keeping you from participating in an advanced training program like this we can help. We’ve seen it all (maybe not all but a LOT) and are excited to serve your needs! Reach out and setup a complimentary 1-on-1 evaluation/training session to experience our passion for coaching.