Lose 20-40lbs in 15 minutes!?

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Lose 20-40lb in 15 minutes!?

Pure ‘Weight Loss’ is almost never the goal.

What if I told you, that I know of a way for you to lose 20-40lbs in about 15 minutes, the weight loss would be more than permanent, it would be impossible to gain it back? Would you be interested?

The procedure is: cut your leg off below the knee.

This is what I think of when people talk about ‘weight loss’ and they aren’t considering muscle vs fat loss.

Always remember – The scale is a liar.

What most people want is to lose some body fat. They want to look leaner. Fit into clothes better and show some tone. The scale does NOT dictate how you look. It measures how much gravity is affecting your mass.

When people significantly cut calories, but aren’t in-taking enough protein and fat, the body will almost always destroy muscle. Muscle is the engine that burns calories far greater than any other tissue in the body.

Everyone should strive to add muscle. The more muscle we have, the more calories we burn. Some research says that muscle burns about 50 more calories per pound than fat (in a day).

To put that in perspective, if you were to lose 5lbs of fat, and gain 10lbs of muscle, you’d be 5lbs heavier (and probably a size smaller), but you’d need to eat 500 MORE calories per day to stay at the same bodyweight!

Studies show workouts claiming to ‘burn fat’ never work long term. The only real way to sustainably get lean and stay lean is to do training that builds/maintains muscle so we continue to burn fat between workouts!

But I do not want to ‘bulk’ up!

Don’t Worry! The training that we generally recommend is not designed to pack on unwanted muscle size. In our gym, we customize everyone’s training so they can get the build they want. For most, that means looking like a beautiful sports car and not so much like a big monster truck.

Remember the leg example above? Do you think it will be easier to stay lean with one leg or two? The same thing goes for muscle. The more muscle you have, the better your workouts will be at helping you have less body fat.

Dial your food in so that you aren’t eating too many calories or foods that aren’t ‘healthy’ (that spike your insulin, cause inflammation, disrupt sleep, etc.). Train your body to build and maintain muscle (do strength work, and high intensity intervals).

And hide your scale.





You are better off using a pair of jeans, progress photos, workout performances, notches on a belt, or listening to compliments from friends to measure progress.

Or you could always find some crazy person to help remove one of those legs, but sorry we don’t do that here!

Hope that helps 🙂



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