Once you’ve decided you want to see what PRIME Training is all about, whether it’s getting in the best shape of your life for living life, or getting in the best shape of your life for competing in sport, it’s time to book an Intro/Evaluation session with one of our coaches.

This session is complimentary and last about an hour. Spending an hour with you allows enough time for proper screening of your movement, skill, and fitness abilities. Also, we’ll explain our fitness methodology and how we can apply it to reach your goals. You and your coach can then discuss different options we have to get you PRIME Trained.

The Intro/Evaluation session also works well with 1 other person. So if you have that friend, coworker, or teammate in mind you want to train with, bring them with you.

Begin by filling out the Get Started form so we can learn a little about you and get in touch. The right coach will get back shortly to schedule your session and start your PRIME Training!

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