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Program specifically designed for women to accelerate fat loss and dramatically change your body into the toned and tightened look you have been wanting to reach. The program is CrossFit based without the heavy lifting and also includes some unique exercises and movements beneficial specifically for women. Each session will consist of high volume strength training for your major muscle groups and also those troubled areas that seem impossible to tighten up. The strength training is followed by a challenging circuit that will leave you feeling good about your body from the inside out. We understand that all women are different and have designed the program to be flexible in its structure so it can uniquely fit all different body types, and experience levels. This class is for women who are motivated in being the best possible version of themselves and finding their PRIME!
$150 Per month for 3 times a week
$120 Per month for 2 times a week
Class meets at 5:30am Mon, Wed, and Friday
Email skye.tacker@yahoo.com if you’d like to come try it out or have any questions.