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The only way to see if this is right for you is to come in. Don’t wait until you think you’re in shape, or finish your 90 day work out DVD. We will phase you in through modified versions of different lifts and movements applicable to your fitness level. You may already be creating body imbalances and bad habits lifting or working out on your own. The coaching you’ll receive here at our facility is second to none when it comes to establishing correct form and technique based on your individual abilities and limitations. We love it when people come in who simply have a good attitude, are ready to learn, and willing to work.

New to PRIME

Schedule a time for an evaluation workout with a PRIME CrossFit Coach to assess your individual skill/fitness level. After this Free assessment you’ll be recommended for either our Fundamentals program or Private on ramp sessions to get you up to speed and advance you to our regular members classes. If you are a CrossFitter from another box you may be allowed to join regular classes after this evaluation workout.

For Evaluation Workout or questions email jon@primetrainingtx.com

Fundamentals Program:

Designed to thoroughly educate individuals on the fundamental lifts and movements of our CrossFit program. We’ll teach and have you successfully execute each of the fundamental lifts and functional movements before joining regular classes. This program is beneficial for those of you with limited or no experience with weight lifting and functional movements. The program is individualized toward you and you’ll learn and advance at your own pace. Depending on the individual you may also learn and be taught modifications for different lifts and functional movements which will be used to gradually give you the strength and skill necessary to do things you previously thought would be impossible. Such as performing body weight pull-ups, handstands, squatting, or executing Olympic lifts with form and precision. Whatever you may think your limitations are this program will teach you how to move past them and take you further than you thought possible. The program is priced for 1 month but we invite those of you who are unsure and wanting a little more instruction and practice before joining regular classes to stay as long as you like.

1 Month of Fundamentals Program – $200 get $50 off when signing up after evaluation (each additional month is priced at regular class rates)

$25 off for signing up with a friend

Private On Ramp Sessions:

You can schedule private instruction with a PRIME CrossFit HEB coach to quickly educate you on the fundamental lifts and functional movements in our CrossFit program. This option is for those with experience in power lifting or olympic lifting. Typically access to our regular classes will be granted after 3 sessions based on your execution of the fundamental lifts and functional movement in our CrossFit program.

3 Sessions – $150

1 Session – $60

Class Schedule

5:45am 7:00am Mon-Tues, NO WED CLASS, Thurs-Friday

12:00pm  4:00pm  5:00pm 6:00pm 7:00pm Mon-Thurs

Open Gym: Friday 5:45am – 6:30pm
Open Gym is for “Unlimited Members” to come in before and after class to work on their own. If using Open Gym during class times use common sense and stay out of the way. If you are in the way trainer on the floor may instruct you to move somewhere else.

11:00am Members WOD

Open Gym 12:00pm – 2:00pm




$125 a month for unlimited workouts
$95 a month for twice a week
***Special rates for Military, Fire, Police, Families ***

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